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Welcome to Mapitpk.com

I am a geospatial enthusiast working in local government in NW Pacific

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FOSS4G-NA, May 22- 24, 2013

Topics and Highlights from Minneapolis, MN by Peter Keum

Stats: 375 registered, 11% women, 34 states

Day 1

Morning Keynote Erek Dyskant - Team lead for geospatial analytic for DNC 2012.


Shaping OSM into global basemap - AJ Ashton Methodology on using OSM to create various basemaps used in MapBox product.

OSM iD Editor - Tom MacWright, MapBox

High Performance Data Visualization in Javascript - Vladimir Agafonkin "Mr Leaflet" Method to Increase Javascript Performance

CartoCSS for Styling Maps - Tom MacWright, MapBox

ESRI and Large Data: Andrew Turner, ESRI

Day 2

Keynote speaker - Eric Gundersen, MapBox (CEO of MapBox).

It was very inspirational and positive keynote speech.

Mobile, Offline Maps -Justin Miller, MapBox

GeoJSON is Spectacularly Wrong - Sean Gillies

Moving up to an Enterprise open source geospatial plaform - Nancy Read, Metro Mosquito Control District, MN.

Automatically geotagging unstructured text with open source tools- Charlie Greenbacker, Berico Technology

Leaflet - Past, Present and Future - Vladimir Agafonkin He was very positive and excited about the project.

Cartographic Symposum 2013, Portland

Cartographic Symposium from Portland State Univeristy

Keynote Speaker - Stuart Allan

He spoke of making maps, not data dumps. Make maps that people are willing/want to look at long enough to learn something from the map.

He showed an example of power of map with showing population distribution of slaves in the southern US by Francis Walker in 1874. This map was displayed prominently in Lincoln meeting w/ his cabinet for the first reading of the Emancipation Proclamation draft.

Portrait of Emancipation proclamation.jpg

TileMill and CartoCSS by Justin Miller, MapBox

Justin showed use of TileMill and CartoCSS, desktop tool to generate beautiful map from MapBox, MapBox's mantra is "be focus" and do one thing well and do it efficiently. He shared his typical workflow to generate map.

  1. Get Data (geodata)
  2. Import Data into TileMill
  3. Code/Style iteratively
  4. Export into map imagery - (MbTile, PDF, JPEG etc)

Tip: Once can import data into TileMill, one can take raw data from geojson data from GitHub directly.

Paste in Place by Ryan Sullivan

Ryan talked about the importance of sketching, drawing to develop ideas and to work through problems. He uses drawing/sketching to create prototypes and concept driven products. He made a very interesting comment with "Act of making maps is form of service that something producer shares with audiences/public"